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My vehicle has been involved in an accident and has sustained damage. What should I do?

When you call to notify your insurance company of the accident, please ask your insurance company to call NMAC's Insurance Department at 800.777.7525.  You will also need to call NMAC's Insurance Department so we may properly document your account and provide you with additional information. 

In order for NMAC to endorse your insurance check, we will need a copy of the insurance estimate and a copy of the body shop repair bill showing repairs have been completed.  Please mail these documents along with your unendorsed insurance check to:

P.O. Box 660672  
Dallas, TX 75266-0672
Attn: Physical Damage Department

The processing time for the endorsement of all physical damage checks is 3 business days.  

If you are sending the documents and check to us via an overnight service, please send it to:

8900 Freeport Pkwy
Irving, TX 75063
Attn: Physical Damage Department

If you would like the check returned via overnight mail, please enclose a prepaid overnight envelope.

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

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